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3 Essential Roofing Maintenance Tips For The Fall

3 Essential Roofing Maintenance Tips For The Fall

Now that fall has finally arrived, most of us here in Florida are really looking forward to all of the upcoming holiday festivities and the milder temperatures that should be arriving soon, but it is important to remember that the fall is also the time of year when you need to be going around your home and making sure that everything is prepared for the coming winter months. As the weather starts to turn a bit colder in the coming months, and we start to see a bit more rainfall as a result, no one wants to find themselves with a leaky roof on their hands.

Your roof is the first line of defense your home has against the elements, and you want to do everything you can now while the weather is milder and calm to ensure that your roof is in the kind of shape it needs to be to see you and your family safely and comfortably through the coming winter. To aid you in this task, our team of Boca Raton roofing professionals here at Blues Brothers Roofing Company have taken the time to put together this short list that highlights just a few of the most helpful roofing maintenance tips that we have picked up over the years of service. By following these simple fall roofing maintenance tips, you can have peace of mind in knowing that your roof is ready to stand strong against whatever the winter has ready to throw at it.

Get An Inspection

When it comes to roofing maintenance, preventative is always going to be the preferable choice over emergency, and one of the best forms of preventative maintenance out there is a professional roofing inspection. During the course of your professional roofing inspection, our team of experts will thoroughly go over your roof and be on the lookout for any signs of damage, no matter how small they might be, and ensure that everything is operating like it should be, and you don’t have any cracked or damaged shingles that might be a gateway for water to enter your home this winter. We will also ensure that your roof has any lingering debris and contaminants cleared away which might have accumulated on it over the course of the summer and fall, including dead leaves, algae, dirt, and mildew.

Gutter Maintenance

As a Florida homeowner, you are likely aware of the kind of damage that water can cause when too much of it finds its way onto your property, and your roof is no different. Your gutters help to channel all of the water that falls on your roof down and away from the foundation of your home, but if your gutters are clogged, damaged, or otherwise not working like they should be, that water can have a difficult time finding its way down, or could be falling in the wrong areas of your property. Water that lingers on your roof can begin to seep in under your shingles and into the attic of your home, where it can cause quite a bit of damage in very little time. Fall is one of the most important times of year to ensure that your gutters are cleared out completely cleaned out, especially with all of the falling leaves and pine needles. If these wind up in your gutters, you could have a serious problem on your hands in the coming months.

Trim & Prune Your Trees

Whether you realize it or not, one of the greatest dangers to your home’s roof during the fall and winter months actually comes from the trees that surround your home. It is a well known fact that most trees tend to shed a great deal of their leaves during the fall, but did you also know that many trees actually shed some of their branches at this time too? This could be a serious issues if the trees overhanging your home have a great deal of old or dead branches to get rid of, especially when the cold winter winds start ripping through the area and stripping them off. While it might seem that smaller branches don’t pose that much of a threat, the larger ones certainly do, and it only takes one to punch a hole in your roof and lead to a world of problems.

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