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Shingle Roofs installed and Repaired, for your South Florida home

Shingle Roofs

Have you found that certain households look strikingly better than others? It is because of an awareness of detail and value, and your Boca Raton Roofing Contractor is aware of this as well. The selection of roofing materials might be essentially the most critical judgement anyone can make to bring unseen beauty to your home. Not forgetting, increasing the life expectancy of your home’s roof. Selecting the best roofing service provider to put in your own shingle roof is equally as critical as picking good quality supplies.

Certainly anyone can hammer in a shingle? Absolutely, however if that’s all it took to be a roofer, we might not be replacing barely aged roofing that other companies fitted, that have already begun to fail. There are many unique variation of asphalt shingles, brands, and of course styles which include three tab and dimensional. Blues Brothers Roofing Company will help you may make an informed choice about your South Florida roofing options that are perfect for your home.

Shingles for Roof Options

  • 30 year shingle– This is a 3-tab shingle which is the lowest priced shingle on the market today, and has a 60 mph wind rated warranty
  • Lifetime shingle– This shingle is the most common shingle also known as dimensional shingles, which have a 130 mph wind rated warranty

Additional Options

  • Synthetic underlayment– is a woven high-strength fabric that is 10 times stronger than 30 lb felt and comes with a 30 year limited manufacture warranty
  • Ridge vent– Is put across the peak of the roof to reduce the heat in the attic which will lower your electric bill.
  • Preventative Maintenance Guarantee– Includes a written inspection bi-annually, any & all repairs for material and labor for 15 years for roof, and 2 preventative roof cleanings to avoid mold & algae growth.
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