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Professional Boca Raton Roofing Services


As the Premier Florida Roofing Contractor our goal and mission is “To provide first class service to each and every customer from start to finish”.

Blues Brothers Roofing Company is an organization focused on providing our valued clients with cost-effective, durable roofing solutions and roofing materials. Unlike many of our counterparts, we have embraced and innovated instead of remaining stagnant and ineffective. With an armada of technology to support our organization, we can offer quality new roof installations, roof repairs, and roof maintenance. But we can technologically and accurately estimate your existing roof's dimensions and surface area to provide the most accurate, computer-generated roofing estimate that considers material and measurement to minimize waste and optimize roofing materials application. The end result is a faster and more precise estimate coupled with the most cost-effective use of roofing materials. The net result for our clients is an affordable and durable new roof.

Blues Brothers Roofing Company Builds Roof to Last with Energy Efficiency in Mind

We are one of a hand full of local roofing contractors that offer free new roof estimates and replacement roofs, which take into consideration energy-efficient options to protect the environment. Giving back to the environment by not taking from it is at the core of every roofing estimate. We build into our roofing project energy-efficient options like:

  • Solar roofing to reduce the cost of energy
  • Ridge vents to allow for ventilation of the attic, thus saving on heating and cooling cost
  • Lighter colored roofing materials to naturally reflect the sun
  • Environmentally friendly roof insulation to maintain the temperature of the air-conditioned space. WE DO NOT PROVIDE INSULATION
  • And last but not least, we are one of few South Florida Roofing Companies that are recycling your old roofing materials to further give back to the environment

Offering environmentally friendly roofing solutions, we not only help the environment and save our clients money. But we preserve for future generations to enjoy. Our roofing company only does quality work and expects every customer to be satisfied!

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